Disc Decompression Therapy

Herniated Disc and Compressed DiscIt's a non-invasive safe method of pain relief that shares the goal of decompression a disc back to its normal shape. It can help with sciatica , degenerative disc disease, herniated discs , bulging discs , neck pain , back pain , and spinal stenosis  along with many other problems. Disc Decompression Therapy can be a safer more effective alternative to surgery and can be done for the cervical and lumbar spine.

Disc Decompression works by using a specific table (We use the DTS DRS system) which very slowly stretches to elongate the spine through a series of treatments promoting blood, fluid and oxygen flow back into the disc space inherently relieving pressure or bulging that causes disc degeneration and pain. A very simple example may be pulling on both ends of a sock and seeing the center pull in. This negative force creates the vacuum which helps to heal the disc.

Most patients report feeling better with just a few treatment and do not experience any pain during the treatment. But don’t just quit when the pain goes away. The number ofdisc decompression diagram treatments to reach the correction will vary depending on what your condition and how your body responds to the treatments.

Our doctors here at ASFCA in Lee’s Summit, Missouri will consult with you and prescribe the perfect treatment plan for your condition.

Questions still? Call us today to set up your consultation and if you have X-rays or MRI’s already please bring them. If not, no worries- we have a full digital radiology system available in our office if needed. 

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